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Reino Unido (AFI) /eɪnt/
EE. UU. (AFI) /eɪnt/

Forma flexiva[editar]


Contracción de cualquiera de los verbos auxiliares be, do o have y el adverbio de negación not.
  • Uso: coloquial
  • Ejemplo:

If you ain't aware of being sick, you ain't going to bother with a doctor, are you?Kenneth Roberts. Rabble in Arms. Página 55. Editorial: Doubleday. 12 set 2012. ISBN: 9780307824554.

  • Ejemplo:

You ain't got a clue what I been through for you. I carried you, Lawrence. I kept you inside of me for a long time.Chuck Smith. Seven Black Plays. Página 134. 2004.

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