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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


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Grafía obsoleta de  anterior
  • Ejemplos:
1669, Mariotte en Philosophical Transactions, página №. 32:
In concluſion, I do not believe this Experiment can be made, much leſs that it is to be diſcerned whether this Picture be formed on the anteriour or poſteriour ſurface of the Retina, ſince the thickneſs of it is leſs than half a line, or the 14th part of an inch ; and there is reaſon to believe, that you have truſted to the report of ſome other concerning this Experiment ; or that you have believed the images which appear in the Eyes to be painted on the Retina, whereas they proceed from the reflexion made on the exteriour of the Cornea.
1721, autor incierto, The Philosophical Transactions from the Year MDCC. (where Mr. Lowthorp ends) to the Year MDCCXX. Abridg’d and Diſpos’d under General Heads, página №. 252:
Monday the 17th, at Six a Clock in the Morning I took the ſame Teleſcope, armed with a clouded Eye‐glaſs, and immediately perceived that the Spot was advanced conſiderably towards the Sun’s Weſtern Face, and was diſtant by Noon from the Anteriour Limb of the Sun’s Disk 61 Seconds of Time.
1747, W. James s’Gravesande & J. T. Desaguliers, Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy, página №. 330:
The anteriour part of the Plate f g has its middle L perforated.

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