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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del inglés medio apperen, y este del francés antiguo aparoir, del latín apparere de ad- ("hacia") con parere, del protoindoeuropeo *per-.


Grafía obsoleta de  appear
  • Ejemplo:
1658, Joseph Caryl, An Exposition with Practicall Obſervations Continued upon the Eighteenth, Nineteeth, Twentieth, and Twenty‐one Chapters of the Book of Job, página №. 602:
As if he had ſaid, thou ſhalt have a great portion, and much power put into thy hands, and the wickedneſſe of thy heart will appeare fully, thou doſt not know how naught thou art now, thy luſt lies cloſe in thy owne ſpirit ; But when thou art King of Syria, thou wilt have ſcope for thy crueltie, and then it will appeare that I am a true Prophet in foretelling thee what bloudy, what cruel worke thou wilt make.

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