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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo ancestre y el latín antecessor ("predecesor")


Singular Plural
auncestour auncestours
Grafía obsoleta de  ancestor.
  • Ejemplos:
1589, autor incierto en The Arte of English Poesie, página №. 248:
Now becauſe there are ſundry ſorts of them, which alſo do worke after diuerſe faſhions in the hearers conceits, I will ſet them all foorth by a triple diuiſion, exempting the generall Similitude as their comm Aunceſtour, and I will cal him by the name of Reſemblance without any addition, from which I deriue three other ſorts : and I giue euery one his particular name, as Reſemblance by Pourtrait or Imagery, which the Greeks call Icon, Reſemblance morall or miſiticall, which they call Parabola, and Reſemblance by example, which they call Paradigma, and firſt we will ſpeake of the general reſemablance, or bare ſimilitude, which may be thus ſpoken.
1769 (publicado), Richard Carew, The Svrvey of Cornwall, página №. 136:
His wife was one of Reskimers daughters and heires : his mother, the daughter of Treffrey : his houſe deſcended to his aunceſtour, by match with Vpton.
1773 (publicado), autor anónimo ciado en Collection of Curious Discourses, página №. 51:
Now of late it hath pleaſed the moſt noble and virtuous princeſſe, queene Elizabeth our gracious ſouerainge, to reuiue the honour and title of Leiceſter earledome in the perſon of the right noble lord Robert of Dudley, younger brother and heyre apparent to the right noble lord Ambroſe, earle of Warwick, and Viſcount Liſle, boeth ſonns to the high and might prince John, late duke of Northumberland, lineally deſcended, and heire in blood of the bodyes of Robert of Beaumout, earle of Mellent in Normandy, aunceſtour to the before earles of Leyceſter, and of Henry of Newburgh, earle of Warwick aunceſtour to the earles, ſynce boeth brethren, as beofre hath bin declared, and liuing in the tyme of the Norman conqueſt, as more plainely is ſhewed by pedigree deduced at the end of this treatiſe.

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