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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Singular Plural
debtour debtours
Grafía obsoleta de  debtor.
  • Ejemplos:
1641, Johannes, Animadversions Written by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Biſhop of Sarisbury, upon a Treatiſe Intitled Gods Love to Mankind, página №. 345:
If a creditour ſhould reſolve upon no terms to forgive his debtour one farthing of his debt, and yet make him offers to remit the whole upon ſome conditions , and bind his offers with a deep and ſolemn oath , would not we ſay that he were a rank diſſembler and a mere deluder of his poor debtour ?
1690, Benjamin Calamy, Sermons Preached upon Several Occaſions, página №. 32:
F O R every good Office we do to other men, we have ſome thing to plead with God Almighty, to engage him to beſtow upon us what we want or deſire ; not by way of Merit or Deſert, but God himſelf graciouſly becoming our Debtour, takes what is done to others in ſuch caſes as done to himſelf, and by promiſe obliges himſelf to full Retaliation.
1693, Lewis Ellies du Pin, A New History of Eccleſiaſtical Writers, página №. 16:
The Firſt is of Forgiveneſs of our Enemies, upon the parable of that Debtour,to whom his Maſter remitted Ten thouſand Talents, and yet afterwards exacted the hundred Pence from him that owed them to him.

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