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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo error, y este del latín errorem, de errare ("errar").


Singular Plural
errour errours
Grafía obsoleta de  error.
  • Ejemplos:
1613, Henry Ainsworth, An Animadversion to Mr Richard Clyftons Advertisement, página №. 128:
This being thus manifeſted, with what conſcience could we yeild to practiſe errour privily brought in under hand : and deny to practiſe the ſame thing publickly profeſſed ?
1636, Richard Hooker, Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie, página №. 519:
It is not the perſons you will ſay, but the errour, wherein I ſuppoſe them to die, which excludeth them from the hope of mercie ; the opinion of merits doth take away all poſſibilitie of ſaluation from them. What if they hold it onely as an errour ?
1675, Thomas Tomkins, The Modern Pleas for Comprehension, Toleration, and the Taking away the Obligation to the Renouncing of the Covenant, Conſidered and Diſcuſſed, páginas 100–101:
If it be replied in this Caſe , that the King’s Conſcience ought to yield, becauſe it is an Errour in Him to think that He is at all concerned in Points of this Nature ; that Religion is no part of His Care , His buſineſs is only to look after the Civil Government, and the Publick Peace ( a Pretence frequently inſiſted on : ) The Anſwer to this is very plain, and might eaſily be enlarged upon, as to many Particular, I ſhall only mention theſe two Things; Firſt, that Religion hath a very great influence upon Civil Government , and the Publick Peace ; and therefore if ſo be, that the Civil Government and the Publick Peace be within His Care ; then Religion ought by no means to be excluded from it , as having ſo great an influence upon it. In the next place , as to the Pretence that the Magiſtrate is in an Errour, if he looks upon himſelf as concerned in this Particular ; it is more than poſſible , that that very Pretence will upon Examination appear to be the greater Errour : And in general the Subject is no more free from Errour than the Soveraign.

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