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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo governeor, y este del latín gubernatorem.


Singular Plural
gouvernour gouvernours
Grafía obsoleta de  governor.
  • Ejemplos:
1575 (publicado en 1759), Daniel Rogers en Collection of State Papers, página №. 293:
Not long ſince the King had reſolved to ſend hither Don Jon d’ Auſtria as Gouvernour, and the Commendador ſhould have been ſent to Naples, to execute the Office of Vice‐Roy there. And it is yet thought, if the Turke doth not avance himſelf, with his 300 Galleyes which he hath, towards Malta, that then Don John d’ Auſtria ſhall be the Gouvernour of the Low Countries.
1674, autor incierto, The Answer of the States Generall of the United Provinces of the Low Countreys, páginas 15–16:
But by reaſon they feared ſtill , the ſending of the Ships might not have the ſucceſs they expected , unleſs they did ſend at the ſame time ſome truſty Agents , to give the ſame a greater Reputation , and to endeavour underhand to perſuade the Engliſh inhabitants to go away with them ; they preſs’d that they might name Comiſſioners to carry the Orders we ſent to our Gouvernour (in conformity to what we had granted to his Majeſty of Great Brittain) and to be preſent at the executing of them.
1774 (publicado), autor incierto, The Administration of the British Colonies, página №. 133:
And each province beſides hath his ordinarie meetings of certain councels, which they terme the Deputed States, and do in that forme meet almoſt daily in their colladge ; wherof the gouvernour, as chief, cometh in when he ſeeth cauſe, but hath but a voice ; and there they conſult of all matters that concerne their private ſtate, and that thereon dependeth.

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