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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo jugier y el latín iudicare, de iudicem, compuesta de ius ("ley") y dicere ("decir").


Singular Plural
judg judges

Grafía obsoleta de  judge


1.ª persona 2.ª persona 3.ª persona Pasado Participio pasado Gerundio
judg judgest¹ judges
judged judged judging

¹ Arcaicas.

Grafía obsoleta de  judge
  • Ejemplo:
1700, James Harrington, The Oceana of James Harrington, página №. 9:
A S for the Fathers ( ſuppoſing them free of their many Adulterations, Interpolations, and all thoſe Errors and Incertaintys which the proceſs of time and fraud of men has foiſted into them ) they are to be accepted only as Witneſſes, not as Judges : that is to ſay, they may prove matter of Fact, but none of their words matter of Right ; eſpecially if we conſider their Writings, either Homilys, Commentarys, on Controverſys, which are ever directed to another end than this is, and they themſelves ( men ſecluded from Buſiness ) are ſo much more unable to judg and reſolve civil Controverſys, in regard the unhappineſs of the latter times had produc’d many Controverſys not known or thought of in their days, which not falling directly under their Profeſſion, cannot receive any Light or Authority from them.

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