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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del latín monitor, de monere ("advertir").


Singular Plural
monitour monitours
Grafía obsoleta de  monitor.
  • Ejemplos:
1656, Henry More, Enthusiasmus Triumphatus, página №. 19:
Nay, I dare ſay, Melancholy it ſelf would be his monitour to reminde him of it, if there were any poſſibility that he ſhould forget ſo manifeſt and palpable a Truth.
1700, Isaac Barrow en The Works of the Learned Iſaac Barrow, D. D., página №. 454:
Yes, it ſeemeth that our Saviour did apprehend, that upon ſome accompts thoſe benefits with greater advantage might accrue to them by the gift of his Spirit, than by his own immediate preſence ; that it by internal operation could more clearly inform the mind, more ſtrongly incline the will, more vigorouſly affect the heart, than any exteriour word or example could do : neither could our Saviour, according to the condition of his humanity, limited to particularities of time and place, ſo perfectly correſpond to the various exigencies of mankind ; as that omnipotent Spirit, intimately preſent to, uniformly diffuſed through all things : him therefore did our Saviour leave the guardian of his otherwiſe Orphan diſciples ; him did he ſubſtitute to undergo the care and tuition of them ; to conduct them in the right way, to preſerve them from dangers, to comfort them in diſtreſſes, to manage all their concernments, to be their counſellour, monitour, advocate and patron ; by him he meant fully to make good his word, that he would be with them till the end of this world.
1705, Richard Allestree, The Ladies Calling, página №. 67:
And if this be the caſe, ’tis the greateſt injuſtice in the world, to make that a quarrel, which is really an obligation : and therefore inſtead of maligning their Monitour , they ought to thank and reverence him.

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