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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo plege


Singular Plural
pledg pledges
Grafía obsoleta de  pledge.
  • Ejemplo:
1681, Theophilus Do-Well, A Conference Between a Bensalian Bishop and an English Doctor, Concerning Church‐Government, página №. 15:
At his return, I was afraid (Reverend Father ſaid I) by any queſtion to interrupt you at the firſt ſo ſerious, and at the laſt ſo ſweet diſcourſe, but that your pauſe and heavenly rapture gave me an opportunity to take you up as you were falling or retiring to the pledg (your body) left behind, and to acquaint you that your wholeſome and ſweet Doctrine, together with the harmony of your Diſcipline, has begot an ardent affection in my ſoul towards your ſo happy and concording Church, ſo aſſimilating and ſympohonizing with the Divine Angelical Chorus.


1.ª persona 2.ª persona 3.ª persona Pasado Participio pasado Gerundio
pledg pledgest¹ pledges
pledged pledged pledging

¹ Arcaicas.

Grafía obsoleta de  pledge.
  • Ejemplo:
1726, Benjamin Calamy, Sermons Preached Upon Several Occaſions, página №. 60:
If Meekneſs, and Patience, Chaſity and Temperance, the Fear of God and true Religion be uncivil and ungenteel, we will be yet more uncivil and ungenteel ; and I ſhould as ſoon think it rude and clowniſh not to pledg one who drank to me in rank Poiſon, as that it is any want of good Breeding and genteel Carriage, to be wiſer and more ſober than the reſt of the World.

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