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De politique y el sufijo -ly


Positivo Comparativo Superlativo
politiquely more politiquely most politiquely
Grafía obsoleta de  politicly.
  • Ejemplos:
1629, William Camden, Remaines Concerning Britaine, página №. 18:
For in theſe Nations much of the Prouinciall Latine (I meane the Latine vſed whileſt they were Prouinces of the Romans)remaineth, which they politiquely had ſpred ouer their Empire (as is alreadie ſaid.
1633, Daniel Dyke, The Mystery of Selfe‐Deceiuing, página №. 17:
Thus many there are, that politiquely, by a ſmooth and cloſe carriage, ſmoothe, and preſſe in many of their vices which if they ſhould breake forth, might hinder them in their deſignes or deſires.
1704, John Reynolds, The Triumphs of Gods Revenge Against the Crying and Execrable Sin of Wilful and Premeditated Murther, página №. 238:
But to live here in Geneva with the more privacy and aſſurance (becauſe they obſerve it to be a City exceeding politiquely, virtuouſly, and religiouſly governed) they find out this excuſe for their ſtay, that he is heir to ſome Lands, which by the death of an Uncle of his, is devolved and fallen to him, in the eſtate and dutchy of Millan, betwixt Pavia and Alexandria : whither he goes to ſell it away, in regard, as he falſly alledgeth, that both this Gentlewoman ( whom he reſolves to leave there, and preſently upon his return to marry ) and himſelf are Proteſtants, and for a month or ſix weeks, this falſe gloſs, and true impoſture paſſeth current with thoſe of Geneva, whom all that time they freely permit and ſuffer to enjoy the Laws and Priviledges of Hoſpitality in their City( and the ſooner and with far leſs ſuſpition and doubt ) becauſe thjey obſerve, they very often frequent their Sermons and Churches, although in their hearts and devotions, God knows, they both are directly Roman Catholicks.

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