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pronunciación (AFI) [puˈβ̞]
silabación pu-bli-que
acentuación llana
longitud silábica trisílaba

Forma flexiva[editar]

Forma verbal[editar]

Primera persona del singular (yo) del presente de subjuntivo de publicar.
Tercera persona del singular (ella, él, ello; usted, 2.ª persona) del presente de subjuntivo de publicar.
Segunda persona del singular (usted) del imperativo de publicar.


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Etimología 1[editar]

Del francés public, y este del latín publicus, del latín antiguo poplicus, y de populus ("personas").


Positivo Comparativo Superlativo
publique more publiquemost publique
Grafía obsoleta de  public.
  • Ejemplo:

Drones to the eye are goodly creature, fairer and larger then the working Bee, they make a great noiſe and lowd buzzing, flie often forth in the heate of the day, as if they were buſie to advance the publique good : but they are all emptie and vain glorious ſhews, for they contribute nothing to the publique ſtore, but when after a few wanton vagaries, they have emptied themſelves and whetted their ſtomacks , they returne into the hive and liberally feede of the Bees labours.Samuel Purchas. A Theatre of Politicall Flying-insects. 1657.


Singular Plural
publique publiques
Grafía obsoleta de  public.
  • Ejemplo:

He lived in the world ſeaventie one years , which was a decrepit age if you conſider his complexion, or his conſummate wiſdome and perfection on of vertue , and his either deſires or hopes to live being but too ſhort a time if you conſider the ſervice that the publique received from him, or the common deſire that was afterward of him becauſe it concerned the moſt excellent republique, that his ſervice ſhould have beene as durable as it was faithfull.Fulgenzio Micanzio. The Life of the Most Learned Father Paul. 1651.

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