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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Singular Plural
sailour sailours
Grafía obsoleta de  sailor.
  • Ejemplos:
1688, William Camden, The History of the Moſt Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, páginas 132–133:
In thoſe days came from the Duke of Alva Chapine Vitelli , Marqueſs of Cetona, with old‐dated Letters of the Spainard, under pretence to compound the Differences about Commerce ; but indeed his Errand was to obſerve the Succeſs of a Rebellion now ready to break forth, and to have the Command of certain Forces which the Duke of Alva had ſecretly promiſed out of the Netherlands : who alſo had ſent La‐Mott, Governour of Dunkirk, before, ( as he himſelf confeſſed, ) in the habit of a Sailour, to ſound the Ports.
1722, Oppian, Oppian’s Halieuticks of the Nature of Fishes and Fishing of the Ancients, página №. 15:
But when they conſcious Scent the coming Shore,
Averſe they court the Sailour’s look no more ;
Avoid the nearer Land, and hie again
With equal Haſt to the unbounded Main.
1725, Bevil Higgons, Hiſtorical and Critical Remarks on Bp. Burnet’s History of his own Time, página №. 210:
My Lord Brunker was neither Soldier nor Sailour, acted under no Commiſſion ; and, conſequently, under no Cogniſance of martial Juſtice.
1726, Cuthbert Ellison, A moſt Pleaſant Description of Benwel Village, in the Country of Northumberland, página №. 191:
Here ſat rought Sailour,
There Prick‐louſe Tailour,
And next a famous Viewer ;
Here was rich Hoaſtman,
There brawny Boatſwain,
And laſt a foggy Brewer.

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