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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo traitor y el latín traditorem, de tradere ("entregar").


Singular Plural
traitour traitours
Grafía obsoleta de  traitor.
  • Ejemplos:
1640, Thomas Fuller, The Historie of the Holy Warre, página №. 133:
SAladine left nine ( ſome ſay , twelve ) ſonnes, making Saphradine his brother overſeer of his Will : Who of a tutour turned a traitour, and murdered them all excepting one, called alſo Saphradine, Sultan of Aleppo ; who, not by his uncles pity, but by the favour and ſupport of his fathers good friends was preſerved.
1648, Thomas Beard & Thomas Taylor, The Theatre of Gods Judgements, página №. 69:
It was noble ſaying, and worth the marking, of Auguſtus Cæſar, to Ramitalches King of Thracia, who having forſaken Anthony, to take part with Auguſtus, boaſted very inſolently of his deſerts towards him : then Cæſar diſſembling his folly, dranke to another King, and ſaid, I love treaſon, but I cannot commend nor truſt a traitour. The ſame alſo in effect Philip of Macedony and Iulius Cæſar were wont to ſay, That they loved a traitour at the firſt, but when hee had finiſhed his treaſon, they hated him more than any other : ſignifying, that traitours deſerved no retribution of thankes, ſeeing their office was accepted for a time, yet they themſelves could never be counted leſſe than naughty and diſloyall perſons : for no honeſt man ever betrayed his countrey or his friend : and what greater puniſhment can there be than this ?
1684, John Lightfoot, The Works of the Reverend & Learned John Lightfoot D.D., página №. 261:
The intent in the former, is to ſhew Judas at the Table, and at the Table all the time both of the Paſchal and the Lords Supper, thoſe ſymboles of love and communion, yet he ſuch a wretch as to communicate in both, and yet a Traitour.

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