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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Singular Plural
vendour vendours
Grafía rara de  vendor.
  • Ejemplos:
1619 (publicó en 1823), autor incierto, The Statutes at Large, página №. 98:
BEE it enacted and confirmed that noe person or persons whatsoever shall passes over by conveyance or otherwise any part of his estate whither lands, good or cattle, whereby his creditors not having notice thereof might be defrauded of their just debts, unles such conveyances or other deeds be acknowledged before the governor and councell at the general court, or before the justices at the country courts, ande there registered in a booke for the purpose within six months after such alienation, and whosoever shall make over or alienate any part of his estate otherwise then is here expressed the same shall not be accompted valid in law, nor shall it barr any creditor from (a) seizing the same by law for satisfaction of his debt, the property of the estate not being legally vested in any but the first vendour.
1902 (publicado), H. L., The Oxford Magazine, página 184:
Ye Fryinge of Fishes alsoe dyd he fynde most harde ; firstlie because, of hys Ignorance, he knewe not whych Fishes shoulde be fryed, nor whych boyled : neverthelesse, he dyd most bravelie hie untoe a Vendour of Fishes & aske hym privilie what sorte might most easilie be fryed.
1917, autor incierto, The Bookman, página №. 442:
I resolved to sell no more muscle and to become a vendour of brains.

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