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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Contracción del pronombre ye y el verbo were.
  • Uso: obsoleto, poco usado
  • Ejemplos:
1702, Charles Sedley, The Works of Sir Charles Sedley, Bart, página № 6:
Pardon me, Sir, my Bluntneſs muſt go on ;
By barb’rous Fears and Counſels y’ere undone.
1709, Robert Gould, A Satyr against the Pride, Luſt, and Inconſtancy, &c. of Woman, página № 8:
Rivers adorn the Earth ; the Fiſh, the Seas ;
Flowers and Graſs, the Meadows ; Fruit and Trees ;
The Starts, the Fields of Air thro’ which they ride ;
And Woman all the Works of God beſide ;
Yet baſe detracting Envy won’t allow
They ſhould adorn themſelves ; then pray, Sir, now
Produce ſome reaſons why y’ere ſo ſevere ;
For envious as you are, you know they’re Fair.

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