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icono de desambiguación Entradas similares:  Hastt


  • Pronunciación:  ← si puedes, incorpórala: ver cómo.


Contracción del verbo has y el pronombre it.
  • Ejemplo:
1685, H.W. en Miscellany Poems and Translations by Oxford Hands, página №. 182:
This learned Athens never could declare,
Nor Ariſtole’s Schole when he taught there :
Apollo in Parnaßu reads not love,
Like one that has’t by inſtinct from above ;
He ſpeaks but coldly, has no voice of fire,
As thoſe whom Love himſelf deigns to inſpire,
Nor can his elevated Fancy riſe
Equal to th’ height of thy grand myſteries.