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Why is the traducciones-section hidden? (With <!-- and -->-tags.) Mewasul 21:19 29 ene 2009 (UTC) (Sorry for not writing in Spanish, but it easier to express myself in English ... hope you understand. :) )

Because if you add in a page something like {{no}}, which becomes Noruego, that template will automatically create the category "Español-Noruego", and that would be wrong if there is no translation provided. -- 21:47 29 ene 2009 (UTC)
I see. But it will only be wrong if the translations isn't there? Mewasul 22:10 29 ene 2009 (UTC)
That is right. If you add say {{it}} without a translation, the page will be listed in category "Español-Italiano" but it will not contain any translations of the Spanish word into Italian, so it would be wrongly categorized. -- 18:58 30 ene 2009 (UTC)