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scope: This template should be used to embed LTR (left to right) text in a RTL (right to left) context and place the content at the "actual" position. Without the template the browser would position the text according to the bidirectional algorithm somewhere you would not expect.‎


יאַפּאַן שרײַבט מען {{dir ltr|text="'''日本'''"}}.
די ראָמאַניזאַציע פֿון "‫אױף אײן שלאָג פֿאַלט קײן בױם ניט אום." איז {{dir ltr|size=8pt|text="'''''oyf eyn shlog falt keyn boym nit um.'''''"}}.
‎"size" is an optional parameter. Its default values is "10pt".‎
notes: You can also insert your RTL signature inside the text parameter. It should not contain "|" characters.‎
‎"external links" should be embeded as "plainlinks" like here:‎
‎"<span class="plainlinks" >[ foo]</span>"‎
‎"<span class="plainlinks" >[irc:// #wiktionary]</span>"‎ → #wiktionary
‎Please post whatever question at meta:BiDi workgroup/FAQ
see also the rendering at the talk page#rendering.‎