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I have done some experimentation with words that are made up with loads of messages. The advantage is that when I have a "known good" situation, I can transplant the translation to other languages like Spanish. GerardM 00:00, 28. Mai 2004 (CEST)

PS I hope you like the idea; the template for the messages is at present in the "kladblok" on my user page.


Welkom to Wikcionario GerardM! Nice to see new people around! I had as well "experimented" with making up meaningful words for a long time. I'd like to see your experiment, as you call it. Where is it? I am also interested in organisms and I am collecting (in odd bits of spare time) scientific names of any living species (or rather, taxon) and adding as many translations as possible in the languages I can find. I began it in one of my subpages (Usuario:Piolinfax/Organismos) because I am not yet sure if it suits well here (it is too large an idea, though there is not much in it yet). If you feel like adding anything to it, you are "welkom":).--[[Usuario:Piolinfax|Cordelacicate (Piolinfax)]] 11:11 6 nov, 2004 (UTC)

Welcome, Gerard! You, Piolinfax and me are sharing interests! I am working today in in animal taxononomy and various templates. Are you on IRC or MSN? When you want, we can share experiences and ideas. Thanks! --Pybalo 18:33 11 nov, 2004 (UTC)

Thanks, yes I am on IRC irc:// is the wiktionary IRC channel, it is always a bit quiet there. :) Thanks for your welcome :)


Sorry maar liever geen telefoongesprek. Zie mijn antwoord op mijn overlegpagina (bij nl, op de Spaanse ben ik niet actief). Ik hoop dat je het niet al te erg vindt... nl:Gebruiker:S.V.E.T.

UTF-8 and new entries[editar]

Thanx for helping the new developments of "el Wikci". And the same to Shaihulud, of course. UTF-8 is something that "el Wikci" needed :).

I've seen that you are putting in translations of nationalities/languages in many languages. Please note that probably many of them are initially capitalized while they shouldn't. As well, there is no differentiation or specifications when between their functions and/or meanings (adjectives, person, language, etc). I'd rather put things in with better accuracy, even though that means being slower, than just throwing a huge mass of information that will have to be painstakingly classified and explained.--[[Usuario:Piolinfax|Cordelacicate (Piolinfax)]] 10:28 15 nov, 2004 (UTC)

About «Categoría:palabras españolas» That category should be renamed as Categoría:palabras en español, because if you say «palabras españolas», you mean «words from Spain» (and, for example, not from Argentina, Mexico or Cuba) rather than «words in Spanish». Besides, Categoría:palabras en español follows the pattern; as with Categoría:palabras en catalán, Categoría:palabras en francés and Categoría:palabras en inglés. --[[Usuario:Piolinfax|Cordelacicate (Piolinfax)]] 10:48 15 nov, 2004 (UTC)
Maybe is better if we change Categoría:palabras en español into Categoría:Palabras en español and the same with Italian ones, to follow the pattern of upper case after ":". What do you think? --[[Usuario:Piolinfax|Cordelacicate (Piolinfax)]] 12:01 30 nov, 2004 (UTC)

Robot links to Japanese[editar]

Hi, GerardM!. Long time not seeing you! Thanx for all the new interwiki links. Anyway, your robot must have a problem with ja: as a big lot of the links to ja: go to blank pages. Anyway, lemmas like 爱…不… \ 愛…不… ài…bù…, 爱上 (CHN), 爱人 (CHN) or 舒服 (CHN) are not likely to exist in any other dictionary (at least, not so far) because they can be found only in the Wiktionary in Spanish. Have a look at it. Hope to see you soon around :) --Cordelacicate (Piolinfax) 09:48 8 abr, 2005 (UTC)

The bot works by finding articles with the same name. When a page is blanked and not deleted it will still find them. So this is a "works as designed". Then again, there is no activity in the ja:wiktionary anyway. I hope to get their quality content in the Ultimate Wiktionary and then they can decide to become part of this project. GerardM 11:04 8 abr, 2005 (UTC)

Robot :)[editar]

Muchas gracias for all the mending job RobotGMwikt is performing by updating interwiki links :) --Cordelacicate (Piolinfax) 10:02 9 jul, 2005 (UTC)

Phonetic Characters[editar]

Hi Gerard, thanks for the tip on the UTF-8. In fact, I created the table to have a source to copy-paste the characters because I still work a lot of wikicode in Notepad and mostly as an exercise to correcly spell my language with IPA characters. I've already taken the step out of Internet Explorer (into Opera 8) because these two programs don't seem to be fully Unicode compatible. I'll fix all the pages where I've already used the numeric codes to have UTF-8 characters.

Thanks again and see you around. ppfk (messages) July 21, 2005, 20:33 UTC.

Re:CentralAuth or Single User Logon[editar]

Hi, Gerard! Nice to see you here again :). Thanks for your message. I will move it to el Café and I'll translate it asap. I worked a bit in Betawiki but difficulties to steadily get on-line made me eventually leave the project. I'll try to pop in whenever I can. Regards --Piolinfax (Cuéntame) 10:35 12 abr 2008 (UTC)Responder[responder]