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Welkom en muchas gracias for all the mending job you are performing by updating interwiki links :) --Cordelacicate (Piolinfax) 13:25 9 jul, 2005 (UTC)

Please be careful with the interwiki links in Portada. In that page, the links must not be literal. Try to programme the bot accordingly, or if you can't, please make sure you restore the links after the bot has deleted them. Thanx! -Cordelacicate (Piolinfax) 11:24, 8 noviembre 2005 (UTC)
The bot should work in only one namespace. In order to protect pages like the main page from being linked automatically, you need to have it in a separate namespace. RobotGMwikt 08:32 12 nov 2006 (UTC)Responder[responder]