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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del francés antiguo auctor, y este del latín auctorem ("fundador"). El t fue cambió a th en la asumpción erróneo de un origen greco.


Singular Plural
authour authours
Grafía obsoleta de  author
  • Ejemplos:
1631, John Weever, Ancient Fvnerall Monvments with in the Vnited Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Ilands Adiacent with the Diſſolved Monaſteries therein Contained, página №. 208:
The ſame Authour in another place, to the laud and memory of this King, hath theſe nicking Hexameters.
1651, autor incierto, A True Relation of the Unjust, Cruel and Barbarous Proceedings against the English at Amboyna, páginas 42–43:
Next , this Authour taketh notice of an objection made in England againſt the Juriſdiction of the Dutch Governour , and his Councel at Amboyna , over the Engliſh there ; becauſe this power is , by the Treatie of the year 1619. diſpoſed of , and agreed to conſiſt in the Councel of defence of both Nations at Jaccatra. For information in which point this Authour ſaith, he hath peruſed over all the ſeveral Articles of the ſaid Treatie, and findeth in the 23. Article, that the Fortreſſes were to remain in the hands of them that then poſſeſſed them ; and in the thirteenth , fourteenth , and fifteenth, that the Councel of defence hath no other power , but onely over the Fleet of defence, over the commerce , and finally, to tax the charges of maintenance of the Forts : But he could not ſee the thirtieth Article ; which orders, that all diſputes that cannot be decided by the Councel of defence , ſhould be remitted into Europe ; firſt, to the two companies there , and in default of their agreement , to the King and States.
1658, Samuel Brook, Divine Characters, página №. 20:
Many make God the authour of their ſin, and Satan of their puniſhment ; but it is Satan that craftily ſeduceth thee , and God that juſtly puniſheth thee, and that by delivering thee into his hands to torment thee.

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