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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


1.ª persona 2.ª persona 3.ª persona Pasado Participio pasado Gerundio
acknowledg acknowledgest¹ acknowledges
acknowledged acknowledged acknowledging

¹ Arcaicas.

Grafía obsoleta de  acknowledge
  • Ejemplo:
1685, R. H., An Historical Narration of the Life and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, página №. 65:
And, in giving, as an old Man if not alſo a Prieſt, his Benediction to the thrice happy‐parents ; and, by the revelation of the ſame Holy Ghoſt, foreſeeing alſo the great ſufferings of our Lord that were to follow, and the oppoſitions that would be made to his new Kingdom, ( of which ſuffering one heavy one was then immediatly to break forth ) he made his more particular adreſſes to the Mother of our Lord ( for S. Joſeph, before thoſe ſaddeſt times, was to be at reſt ) and told her ; That as the child was born for the advancement ( as he had already ſaid ) of many in Gods people Iſrael, ſuch as ſhould yeild to his Scepter ; ſo alſo for the fall and utter ruine of many others, ſuch as ſhould not believe and acknowledg him, and thoſe ſecularly Great ; and that this age ſhould throughly diſcover the goodneſs or wickedneſs of mens hearts.

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