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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Del latín ancora


Singular Plural
anchour anchours
Grafía obsoleta de  anchor
  • Ejemplos:
1650, John Trapp, Solomonis Panaretos, página №. 216:
A wicked man beaten out of earthly comforts, is as a naked man in a ſtorme, and an unarmed man in the field, or a ſhip toſſed in the ſea without an Anchour, which preſently daſheth upon rocks, or falleth upon quickſands.
1688, William Camden, The History of the Moſt Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, página №. 415:
The Spaniards report that the Duke, when thoſe Fire‐ſhips approached, commanded the whole Fleet to weigh Anchour and ſtand to Sea ; yet ſo as, having avoided the Danger, every Ship ſhould return to his former Station.
1776 (publicado), Thomas Coryate, Coryat’s Crudities, página №. 186:
Shee is now rigged, and trimmed, and ready to hoyſe Sayle ; your Maieſties fauour will be vnto it both like a pleaſant gale of wind in the Poupe, to make it beare Sayle, and like a wel‐fenced docke and ſecure hauen of tranquilitie, where ſhe may ride at Anchour in a Halcedonian calme, and ſhoote off her Ordinance againſt the Criticall Pirates and malignant Zoiles that ſcowre the ſurging Sea of this vaſte Vniuerſe.

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