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Pronunciación (AFI):  Si puedes, ¡incorpórala!


Singular Plural
warriour warriours
Grafía obsoleta de  warrior.
  • Ejemplos:
1631, John Weever, Ancient Fvnerall Monvments with in the Vnited Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Ilands Adiacent with the Diſſolved Monaſteries therein Contained, página №. 656:
Here was the inheritance and ſepulture of a warlike crew of Knights called Tayne, or Thanye, one of which named Lucas Tanye, a knight, and an expert warriour, at the taking of the Iſle of Angleſey and Caſtle of Oxe in Wales, was with Sir William Lindſey , William de Audley, Roger Clifford and twelue other of the Kings chiefeſt Captaines and Knights, beſides ſeuenteene young Gentlemen, and two hundred common ſouldier ſlaine, by Dauid Lord of Denbigh, brother to Lhewelin Prince of Wales, and his band of fierce Welſhmen, in the tenth yeare of the raigne of King Edward the firſt.
1658, Samuel Crook, Divine Characters, página №. 261:
Hereby , be he never ſo weak, he may be a Warriour , one of Chriſts Worthies (exceeding thoſe of David t) in the Warres of the Lord; as Elias (u) and after him Eliſha [w] were proclaimed the Chariot of Iſrael , and the horſe‐men thereof.
1671, William Aglionby, The Present State of the United Provinces of the Low‐Countries, página №. 46:
D’alva hearing this , reſolv’d to meet them in perſon ; but before he undertook his jouney, he made nineteen Gentlemen by publickly executed ; and a little after , cajuſed the Earls of prayers nor entreaties made in favour of ſo great a Warriour , being able to prevail with his fierce temper.

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